The most versatile team bag on the market, the Wreck Wrap can hold up to 400 pounds of Wreck Bags and is ideal for 2 to 6 people.  

▪ Adjustable: The Wreck Wrap can accommodate 50# to 100# Wreck Bags, allowing you to tailor the weight to your individual needs. 

▪ Durable: Made from heavy duty cordura nylon outer shell and a poly blended inner, the Wreck Bag Wrap is built to last.

▪ NO SAND = no leaks! The Wreck Wrap is designed to hold Wreck Bags, which makes it the only rubber-filled team bag on the market. Our proprietary, non-toxic rubber-blend Wreck Bags eliminate the need to buy, fill and weigh your bag with sand. Focus on your workout, not on maintaining your bag. 

▪ Versatile: The Wreck Wrap can be assembled for group and team workouts and broken down after use, allowing you to utilize the inner Wreck Bags for individual workouts.

▪ MADE IN THE USA Proudly made onsite in Providence, RI

*Wrap only, Wreck Bags not included*