The Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW) Wreck Sleeve is a durable neoprene sleeve that fits tightly around your Wreck Bag, between the orange handles. The OEW Wreck Sleeve comes custom branded with the OEW logo to help spread the word about this incredible organization that supports our wounded Veterans. Proceeds of purchase are donated to Operation Enduring Warrior. 


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  • Comfort: Want even more comfort? The Wreck Sleeve adds a cushioned layer around the Wreck Bag. It is perfect for individuals who prefer to workout shirtless or in sports bras/tanks.

    Keeping it Clean: The Wreck Sleeve was designed to be easily removed and can be machine washed between uses.

    Branding: Sleeves are the perfect way to promote your brand while you #getwreckd. Send us your logo and we can apply it to your sleeve.

    Sleeve sizes:  Small (for 25# bag), Medium (for 35#, 40# bags), Large (for 50# + bags)